North American Sister Companies Nicholson Construction and Berminghammer Join Forces for Virginia's River Renew Project

January 3, 2023
Pittsburgh, PA

North American sister companies Nicholson Construction (USA) and Berminghammer (CANADA) recently collaborated to support Nicholson’s work on the upcoming River Renew Project in Virginia.

As part of River Renew, a new combined sewer overflow (CSO) tunnel will be built to manage four overflow areas that send millions of gallons of pollution into the Potomac River and Hoofs Run with as little as a quarter of inch of rainwater. Under the current overflow system, 140 million gallons of pollution enter Alexandria’s waterways annually.

Nicholson’s portion of the work for the Traylor/Shea Joint Venture includes the installation of a tangent pile SOE for the outfall structure adjacent to the water treatment plant.  The SOE will be comprised of 120 EA,24", augercast piles drilled up to approximately 50' in depth.  

Drilling will be performed with the Berminghammer H-28 leads & drill mounted on a Manitowoc 999 crane. Nicholson purchased Berminghammer’s H-28 System for CFA drilling to support the long reaches (60 ft) required for the River Renew project that are not possible with traditional rigs. Berminghammer was also able to provide the H28 System quickly to meet a very quick turnaround for the project, which starts in January.

“We’re really leveraging the benefits of belonging to this global group and the experience and technologies that are available to us from our sister companies,” said Michael Bianco, P.E., Project Manager, Nicholson Construction. “The Berminghammer Team has been very helpful in this effort – and with their help, we can effectively do our part for this massive infrastructure project that is going to provide clean waterways for millions of people in the Virginia metro area.”
“Berminghammer and Nicholson have a strong history of partnering for successful projects including the Port of Miami Tunnel, we look forward to working with Nicholson on this River Renew challenge and many more to come,” said David Zanchetta, Sales & Services for Berminghammer.

The River Renew project is scheduled for completion in late 2025.

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