Nicholson Piling Up CSO Jobs Across the Country

April 18, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh-based geotechnical specialty contractor Nicholson Construction Company recently began work on the Missouri River Waste Water Treatment Plant (MRWWTP) in Omaha, Nebraska.

The plant is undergoing an expansion that includes the construction of a new chlorine contact basin located along the Missouri River.  While the plant actually serves approximately 125,000 residents in Omaha, the industrial and domestic flows to the plant give it the equivalent population of 600,000 people.

Nicholson was awarded the contract to install a four-foot thick reinforced concrete diaphragm wall, which will act as support of excavation for the new chlorine basin building, a water cut-off barrier and will become a permanent part of the basin foundation. The wall will reach depths of approximately 82 feet and will be excavated using a hydraulic clamshell. Additionally, augercast piles will be installed to provide increased deep foundation support and as deep foundation elements for the odor control duct support.

Aging combined sewer overflows are a water pollution concern for more than 770 cities in the United States, per the Environmental Protection Agency. Nicholson has been a part of many of the country's biggest remediation projects, including The Dugway Storage Tunnel in Cleveland and the Maline Creek CSO in St. Louis. Both projects included the installation of secant pile walls at multiple site locations, and both wrapped up in December of 2016.

 “It’s been great to draw on Nicholson’s extensive CSO experience for this project,” said Jewels Redding, project Manager. “Our team has worked on these types of projects across the country over the years, but we always learn something new to apply to the next one. We’re looking forward to another successful project here in Omaha.”

Nicholson’s portion of the work will wrap up in early summer of 2017.


About Nicholson Construction Company

Nicholson has been both a leader and an innovator in the geotechnical construction industry for more than 60 years. With regional offices across the country and headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Nicholson is a nationally renowned specialty contractor, offering proven expertise in the design and installation of deep foundation elements, earth retention systems and ground treatment solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently provide our clients with innovative, high-quality design-build options for projects of varying size and complexity. Nicholson is the North American subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy, one of the world's leading geotechnical contractors, and is part of a global network of unparalleled geotechnical resources and expertise.