Women in construction make up one for every ten workers in the field. We’re doing our part to change those numbers.

The Women in Nicholson (WIN) Project was established in 2020 to empower our female employees to build deeper value for themselves and others in the company through training, mentorship and coaching opportunities and to ultimately increase the number of women and the opportunities for women at the leadership level.

Build Community.

It truly takes a village. Women in the construction field face unique challenges—but by building a unified community within our company and connections to women within our industry, we provide a professional network of experience and camaraderie that helps to make our numbers feel bigger and our presence feel stronger.

Support Each Other.

One of the main goals of the WIN Project is to support the professional development, mentorship and growth of our female colleagues. Through coaching, education and skill-building, we help our female employees identify their professional goals and build the confidence to go after them.

Increase Recruitment, Retention and Promotion of Women.

We work closely with our recruiter, our Human Resources department and the leadership of our company to make Nicholson a place where women can thrive. By training our male colleagues on advocacy and allyship, we are building a stronger company all around. We are committed to advancing the career opportunities for women (and under-represented groups) at all levels of Nicholson.

Engage the Next Generation.

Effectively changing the gender statistics starts by spreading the message early to young women that construction is for everyone. A more diverse industry makes us a better industry.

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The WIN Project is dedicated to the empowerment, education, promotion and retention of women, not just at Nicholson, but across the construction industry.

Marie Roscoe
Project Director, Major Projects

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