Nicholson Awarded Secant Pile Contract for St. Louis CSO Facility

July 28, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA

Nicholson Construction was recently awarded the secant pile wall contract for the Maline Creek combined sewer overflow (CSO) facility project in St Louis, Missouri. The facility, which will collect CSO from three outfalls, is located in northern St. Louis, within the Bissell Point Service Area.

The Maline Creek CSO project is part of Project Clear, the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District’s (MSD) initiative to improve water quality and alleviate many wastewater concerns throughout St. Louis City and County.

 Nicholson’s portion of the work includes the installation of two secant pile structures at two locations. The first location will consist of a shaft made of (78) 880mm secant piles to depths of between 40-50 feet. The second location will consist of a braced support of excavation structure made of (114) 880 mm secant piles to a depth of 48 feet.

Additionally, at the second location, Nicholson will install (4) seven foot diameter jet grout columns beneath an existing sewer to support it during excavation.

The company is no stranger to CSO projects, having been involved in more than a dozen across the country over the last ten years, including their current work on the Dugway CSO in Cleveland.

“The confidence in our ability to deliver high-quality solutions to our customers comes from having worked with our techniques in various conditions across the country, including some challenging soils like our recent project in Miami,” said John Wise, Senior Vice President, Nicholson Construction.

Nicholson’s work is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2016.

About Nicholson Construction Company

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