Kraemer/Nicholson Joint Venture Awarded $64 Million Contract for MN-DOT's I-35 CMGC Stormwater Storage Facility Project

March 10, 2020
Pittsburgh, PA

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) recently named the Kraemer/Nicholson Joint Venture (KNJV)as General Contractor for the installation of a new storm water storage facility along I-35 West, South of Minneapolis (Work Package 2.)

The storm water storage facility, which is designed to eliminate flooding for up to a ten-year, 24-hour storm event, will alleviate capacity challenges that the existing storm drainage system has experienced for many years.

The KNJV will construct six independent shafts, designed by Barr/Brierley, that will be connected in a series leading to a pump station which will pump up to 4.5 million gallons of storm water back into the system over 72 hours.  The potential of flooding along the busy I-35W freeway will be greatly reduced. The high water table and limited site access,was the reason the diaphragm wall methodology was selected, while the Kraemer North America and Nicholson team advised MnDOT through the CMGC process.

In addition to the shafts, the KNJV will also be responsible for performing the excavation, concrete works,installation and testing of the mechanical, electrical and pumping system and final site restoration.

The KNJV was also awarded an Early Work Package (WP1) in 2019 that included creating the working platform at the highway level for the current work (WP2). The first work package included the installation of a permanent soil nail wall using duplex drilling method,design and the installation of a temporary soil nail wall using hollow bar drilling method, sheet pile driving, common excavation and travel course/pad installation.

“This project is important for the safety of local residents and travelers of I-35W,” said Ryan Streets, Vice President of Operations for Nicholson Construction. “Our team is happy to be able to construct a solution that will help to reduce countless risks in the event that extreme storms occur.”

The overall project is scheduled for completion in the Summer of 2023.

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