The time for meaningful environmental action is now.

As a company, and as part of the global Soletanche Bachy family, we are committed to initiatives that keep our planet thriving (and green!) for future generations. Our global family’s directive is to reduce our collective impact on the environment by 40% in 2030.

Sustainability project photoSustainability project photo from the Port of Miami Project

Our Goals

Rocky Mountain

We are reducing our fuel consumption

Our goal is to reduce our direct and indirect fossil fuel consumption, including diesel for equipment, gas for vehicles and electricity on and off of our jobsites.

We are lowering the volume of cement used 

Our goal is to lower the volume of cement we use by designing projects using less concrete and by using cements with lower carbon footprint, as well as substitute binders.

We are using less and recycling more

Our goal is to lower our overall waste through recycling and reuse.

We are actively seeking environmentally positive projects

Our goal is to keep projects that support the conservation of the planet  as the priority when seeking out work in new  and existing markets.

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Doing what is necessary to combat the effects of climate change is no longer a question of “should we?” Or “can we?” It’s imperative, at this point. We’re committed to doing our part in preserving the planet for future generations.                     

Jeff GrIEder, p.eng 

Port of Miami Tunnel


We are committed to reducing our impact in the materials we use, and also, in keeping the environments that we work in unharmed. For the PortMiami Tunnel project, the offshore portion of our drilling work had to be performed under a double-confinement system in order to avoid polluting the protected waters of the channel.

Arbuckle Reservoir


For this project, we worked with our lab in France to design a low carbon solution that still met the design criteria while also using slag in our mix for the cutoff wall. By solving the problem of leaks in the reservoir, the surrounding agricultural communities will benefit from improved irrigation.

Shoreline Storage Tunnel


Shoreline was our third trip to Cleveland as part of Project Clean Lake. This time, we were contracted to construct three diaphragm wall access shafts at three different locations along the tunnel alignment to launch and retrieve the TBM for the Shoreline Storage Tunnel.

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Port of Miami Tunnel
Arbuckle Reservoir
Shoreline Storage Tunnel



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