Nicholson Returns to Ohio's Project Clean Lake With Shoreline Storage Tunnel Award

August 25, 2021
Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh-based geotechnical specialty contractor Nicholson Construction will return to Ohio’s Project Clean Lake for a third time for the Shoreline Storage Tunnel.

Project Clean Lake is the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District’s (NEORSD) 25-year program designed to reduce the occurrence of combined sewer overflows into Lake Erie and surrounding waterways. Nicholson has previously been part of the Dugway Storage Tunnel and the Westerly Storage Tunnel.

Nicholson was awarded this most recent contract by the McNally Kiewit SST JV. Work includes the construction of three diaphragm wall access shafts at three different locations along the tunnel alignment to launch and retrieve the tunnel boring machine for the Shoreline Storage Tunnel. The contract also includes three cement bentonite mass treatment break in/break out blocks for the tunnel boring machine and two soldier pile reinforced cement bentonite walls to be used as support of excavation systems for two near-surface structures.

“We’re so happy to be back on Project Clean Lake,” said Nicholson Project Manager for Major Projects, Jewels Stover. “We have a good portion of our team from Westerly coming back for Shoreline, and we’re really excited to work with NEORSD again and the McNally/Kiewit Team.”

Nicholson’s portion of the work will start this fall.

“Getting tapped to return to a project with a team we’ve already worked with is really as good as it gets for us,” said Dario Gnoato, Senior Vice President P.Eng., Nicholson Construction. “We’re looking forward to another great project in Ohio.”

Project Clean Lake is slated to be completed in 2036.

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