Nicholson and TREVIICOS JV Takes on Charlestown Bus Facility Improvements

August 9, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh-based geotechnical general contractor Nicholson Construction is teaming up with TREVIICOS for soil improvements to the Charlestown Bus Facility in Massachusetts to stabilize the shoreline and improve the yard.

 The Charlestown Bus Facility, located along the Mystic River, is the largest of the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority’s maintenance facilities.  The specialty work of the project includes jet grouting a total of ~1,220 4-7-foot diameter by 20-to-35 foot-deep columns for soil stabilization to support a new shoreline embankment.

 “These are the kinds of challenging projects that we, as a company, look forward to,” said Luca Barison, Vice President, Major Projects, Nicholson Construction. “We’ve had several successful projects with TREVIICOS and we’re looking forward to another one.”

 The General Contractor for the project is Massachusetts-based firm Middlesex. The overall project, valued at $31.7M will run through the summer of 2019.

About Nicholson Construction Company

Nicholson has been both a leader and an innovator in the geotechnical construction industry for more than 60 years. With regional offices across the country and headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Nicholson is a nationally renowned specialty contractor, offering proven expertise in the design and installation of deep foundation elements, earth retention systems and ground treatment solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently provide our clients with innovative, high-quality design-build options for projects of varying size and complexity. Nicholson is the North American subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy, one of the world's leading geotechnical contractors, and is part of a global network of unparalleled geotechnical resources and expertise.