Transbay Bus Ramp


San Francisco, California


Fill, dense to very dense colma formation, still old bay clay and the San Franciscan complex bedrock.


Two 21x5 foot load bearing elements, each extending more than 180 feet below grade and 10 feet into the bedrock. The total weight of the cages was approximately 170,000 pounds, one of our largest ever constructed.


Owner: Transbay Joint Powers Authority
General Contractor: Shimmick Construction

project snapshot:

Nicholson was awarded the foundation contract, which included advanced diaphragm wall technology, tooling, equipment and installation processes, for the Transbay Transit Center project in San Francisco, California.

Using the hydraulic grab and hydrofraise, Nicholson installed two (2) 5ft x 20ft load bearing elements to a depth of 180 below grade as foundation support for a new bridge pylon. The new, cable-stay bridge is part of the bus ramp for the Transbay Transit Center project.

Transbay Bus Ramp