Compaction Grouting by Nicholson Constructoin

compaction grouting

what it is:

Compaction grouting involves injecting a very stiff homogeneous grout mix under relatively high-pressures and at low injection rates to subsurface locations in pre-designed patterns in order to displace and compact soils.

how it works:

The injected grout pushes the soils to the side as it forms a grout column or bulb. The soil becomes increasingly dense as water and/or air are forced out and soil particles are rearranged. Grout injections can be continued until grout forces overcome overburden or containment pressures and heave occurs.

why you need it:

Compaction grouting can improve soft and compactable soils, stabilize or re-level existing structures, stabilize existing underground structures such as pipes and tunnels, reduce water seepage and mitigate settlement.

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