Secant Pile Walls by Nicholson Construction

diaphragm walls

what it is:

Diaphragm walls are used to create temporary or permanent deep foundations and earth retention walls for deep basements, shafts, parking garages, marine structures, dams and permanent cutoff walls.

how it works:

Also known as slurry walls, diaphragm walls are formed when deep trenches are excavated into the soil, where reinforced concrete is then placed. Mechanical or hydraulic clamshell grabs or hydrofraise mills are used to excavate the panels, and then the trenches are stabilized by the use of a supporting slurry.

why you need it:

Diaphragm walls can be used for earth retention schemes for highway and tunnel projects, as permanent walls for deep shafts for tunnel access and as permanent cut-off walls through the core of earth dams.


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Diaphragm Walls by Nicholson Construction

diaphragm walls