Micropiles by Nicholson Construction


what they are:

Micropiles are high-performance, high-capacity drilled deep foundation elements  typically between 5–12 inches in diameter that can extend to depths of 200 feet and achieve working loads of over 200 tons. Micropiles are comprised of high-strength steel casing, rebar and grout.

how they work:

Micropiles transfer the structural load through unsuitable soil layers to competent foundation soils.  The loads are transferred from the foundation through the steel and grout of the micropile and shed to surrounding rock or soil via high values of friction.

why you need them:

Micropiles are generally used when there are difficult ground conditions, such as natural or man-made obstructions, sensitive ground with adjacent structures, limited access/low headroom and/or karstic geology.  They are commonly used to replace deteriorating foundation systems, for the renovation of structures, to support structures affected by adjacent construction, for seismic retrofitting or in-situ reinforcement including embankment, slope and landslide stabilization.

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