Augercast (CFA) Piles by Nicholson Construction

augercast (CFA) piles

what they are:

Augercast piles, also known as Continuous Flight Augers (CFA) piles, are cast-in-place deep foundation system solutions that use a hollow stem auger with continuous flights.

how they work:

Augercast piles are formed by drilling into the ground with a hollow, continuous flight auger to a required depth or degree of resistance. A high slump grout mix is then pumped down the stem of the auger under constant pressure while the auger is slowly withdrawn, leaving a shaft of fluid grout to ground level.

why you need them:

Augercast piles are a cost effective alternative to other deep foundation systems.  They cause minimal disturbance and vibrations and suited for low noise and/or environmentally sensitive areas.

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