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We’ve been working hard lifting buildings, holding back rivers and stabilizing dams for more than 60 years—and having our share of fun along the way. Meet some of the people who make up our talented team.

In-House Experts and the Next Generation

In-House Experts—they've seen it all and done it all. They've logged serious hours shaping our industry and are actively mentoring the next generation of Nicholson. Meet some of the people who make up our company—including our very own experts.
Thomas manages our internal design engineering department. He has almost 20 years of design experience, including working for our parent company abroad for many years. He's a great teacher and mentor to our next generation of design engineers, a talented and experienced design engineer himself, a world traveler and a great colleague who is always willing to lend a hand.
Thomas Joussellin
Engineering Manager
Abby is an Engineering Development Program (EDP) graduate and is currently an Assistant Project Manager. Abby has worked on some of the company's most high-profile and complicated projects, including Wanapum Dam and ECG Crankshaft Press. We're proud to have this rising star on our team, and we can't wait to see what she'll do next.
Abigail Stein
Assistant Project Manager
Ron has been in the world of geotechnical construction for more than 40 years, buliding and overseeing projects across the country. He's been part of many of Nicholson's Landmark projects, including Port of Miami and Wanapum Dam. Ron is a leader and a mentor to our next generation, and he probably has more frequent flier miles than anyone in the company.
Ron Hall
Vice President of Operations, Western Region
As the Vice President of Risk Management, Tom is the Keeper of Contracts, the Champion of Claims and the Decoder of Legalese. He’s a steady hand as a leader, a great colleague and a champion corn hole player.
Tom Beggs
Vice President of Risk Management
Tommy has a special place in Nicholson's history—he's been overseeing our projects for nearly 20 years all across the country, including World Trade Center, the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore and the Port of Miami. He's a Safety Champion, an all around great teammate and has one of the best laughs in the business hands down. We're a better company with him on board.
Tommy Kyle
As the Manager of Safety, it’s Jason’s job to make sure our offices, our jobsites—and everywhere in between are meeting or exceeding our high standards for Safety. You can find him visiting our jobsites as the official flag-barer of Safety. Under Jason’s leadership, we’ve reached some of the company’s lowest injury rates to date. We are a better, safer company for having him on our team.
Jason Timmons
Manager of Safety
John takes complex projects like the Norris Cut Tunnel and turns them into successes by carefully managing talent, equipment, quality control and timelines. He puts his tried and true skills into every large project strategy and job site team that Nicholson fields, and he expertly advises on all facets of geotechnical construction including designing, estimating and testing.
John Wise, P.E.
Senior Vice President
Gretchen has been the keeper (and policer) of the Nicholson brand for the past five years. Outside of brand policing, she makes sure the rest of the world knows how amazing our team is and how awesome our work is by putting us front and center in industry publications, at conferences and everywhere in between—and she will never be convinced that silty sand and sandy silt aren't the same thing.
Gretchen Connelly
Marketing Director
The story of Nicholson could not be written without the help of our talented (and extremely humble) Operations Manager Danny Mirt, who has worked on some of our most recognizable and impressive projects, including Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and the sprawling Epic Systems Campus in Wisconsin. We consider ourselves fortunate to work alongside him.
Danny Mirt
Operations Manager
Ryan has been building some of our biggest and most complicated projects for the last 17 years. As part of our Special Projects group, he's traveled the country, working on notable and challenging projects like US Capitol Visitor's Center, Second Avenue Subway and Central Subway. Ryan is a problem solver, a leader and a teambuilder—and one of the best storytellers around. 
Ryan Streets
Corporate Construction Manager
We're convinced that there is literally no problem that Tom can't figure out. He's our Chief Engineer/Chief Problem Solver—and has found solutions to some of the most challenging geotechnical conundrums out there in his 28-year career with Nicholson. He's a mentor to our design engineering department and if he's not solving problems, you can find this expert skier on the slopes.
Tom Richards, P.E.
Chief Engineer
Dan has been with Nicholson for 16 successful years. He started with us as a Field Engineer and is now the Vice President of Operations for our Central Region, where he is responsible for securing and successfully building our work. Dan is a great colleague and mentor—and a Michigan State Spartan for life. We feel pretty lucky he's on our team.
Dan Thome, P.E.
Vice President of Central Region
As the President of Nicholson Construction, Steve is our fearless leader. He's been in the geotechnical engineering field for more than 40 years and has the technical know-how, experience and leadership skills to prove it. Steve is safety-focused and results-oriented, and under his leadership we're poised to have many safe and successful years.
Steve Scherer
For the last ten years, Patty has been working closely with our Safety Manager to make sure that our teams in the field have what they need to build our jobs safely. Patty is a word-processing wizard who can cut through the mysteries of Microsoft Word like nobody's business. We've been a better company for having Patty on our team for the last decade.
Patty Crowley
Safety Assistant 
Luca is currently responsible for Nicholson's Special Projects group, which tackles our large-scale projects across the country. Luca has been with Nicholson for two decades, helping us to secure and successfully bid some of our biggest projects, including the Port of Miami Tunnel and Second Avenue Subway, and mentoring those around him along the way.
Luca Barison
Executive Vice President
Andy is part of our design team, solving technical problems and creating unique geotechnical solutions that fit our customer's needs like it's his job—because it is his job. He's been out in the field, helping to build some of our notable projects, like Epic Systems, and helped design jobs like Provo Temple.  Andy's a team player, an out-of-the-box thinker and an asset to our company.
Andrew Moran, P.E.
Design Engineer
If there was an Engineering Hall of Fame, Rick would be in it. He's the giver of advice, solver of problems and leader of Engineering at Nicholson, not to mention a two-time Annual Cornhole Tournament Champion. Though he's too humble to admit it, Rick is an award-winning contributor to our industry, and we are lucky to call him a colleague.
Rick Deschamps, P.E., PhD
Vice President of Engineering
Jen oversees Human Resources at Nicholson, which means she is the knower of all things, the official corporate referee and the answerer of all questions. Somehow, she manages to tackle listening and refereeing and advising us all with superhero-like patience and a smile on her face—even during Open Enrollment.
Jennifer Hall
HR Manager

Work Hard Play Hard

These are some of the hardest-working people you'll ever meet...but for as hard as we work, we play hard, too!