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Nicholson is a US-based specialty contractor backed by Soletanche Bachy, a world leader in geotechnical and civil engineering construction.

Nicholson is the North American subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy, a France-based global leader in geotechnical and civil engineering construction.

Soletanche Bachy  was formed as a merger between two industry pioneers in 1997, bringing together more than 85 years of specialized civil engineering expertise and innovation. The company’s core business is geotechnical work, including excavation support, tunnels, piles, borehole drilling, marine and river projects and soil improvement projects.

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Soletanche Bachy and its subsidiaries around the world serve a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors, including central and local governments, industrial, general building and civil engineering contractors, property developers and project promoters. The company offers an extensive portfolio of geotechnical solutions, special foundations, underground construction, ground improvement and pollution treatment and control.