Commitment to Safety

Nicholson Construction Company is committed to providing a safe work environment for our team. Everyone is encouraged to STEP UP and contribute to an environment where we achieve Safety Through Everyone’s Participation.

Here's How We're STEPPING UP for Safety:

Nicholson is committed to empowerment and responsibility

empowerment & responsibility

Every team member has the power to stop unsafe work at any time or identify potentially unsafe conditions on the job site.

Nicholson is committed to involvement and visibility

involvement & visibility

Our managers and supervisors are responsible for demonstrating visible safety leadership by their words and actions.

Nicholson is committed to communication and accountability

communication & accountability

Job Hazard Analysis, Toolbox Talks and Project Safety Plans are reviewed and discussed as a team. We hold each other accountable for safe behaviors, practices and conditions.

Nicholson is committed to education and collaboration

education & collaboration

We know our industry presents safety challenges, and our team is given the best training and guidance. We are ready and willing to work with our partners to meet any of their safety requirements.

leadership & participation

Our leadership prioritizes safety ahead of quality and production, and they actively participate in the Incident and Injury Free Leadership Team (IIF LT) to create the safety policies that guide our safety culture.

Nicholson believes every incident is preventable, and is dedicated to achieving zero incidents on every project. We’re stepping up to make our job sites some of the safest in the country. Contact us to learn more about our safety practices and initiatives.