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The I-35 Stormwater Storage Project

Minneapolis, MN

Previous heavy storm events on Minnesota's I-35 West in Minneapolis have caused flooding so intense within the existing stormwater tunnels that, in addition to road closures, manhole lids have blown off onto the interstate.

The original, 50-year old tunnel system was designed to carry stormwater runoff from the highway and the surrounding neighborhoods. As development within the 3,100-acre surface drainage area has continued, the volume of water for the storage tunnels to handle has increased.

As part of a great team effort to mitigate flooding incidents, the Minnesota Department of Transportation contracted the Brierley Associates, Barr Engineering and TKDA Team to design a new, underground stormwater storage facility solution featuring six interlocking diaphragm walls. The Kraemer/Nicholson Joint Venture would then take over the construction phase of the project through the CMGC Project Delivery Process, which includes multiple techniques along a busy, three-lane interstate with some challenging ground conditions.

Let's Drilldown into the I-35 Stormwater Storage Project.

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