Nicholson Joins Great Falls Dearborn Spillway Project

September 9, 2021
Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh-based geotechnical specialty contractor Nicholson Construction was recently awarded the anchor contract as part of South Carolina’s Great Falls Dearborn Headworks Spillway and Short Bypassed Reach Spillway Project.

The Great Falls Dearborn Development was constructed 100 years ago as two dams across separate river channels on the Catawba River designed to provide power to the local community. The river channels, known as the long bypass and the short bypass, created a “diversion” in the river flow.

The two dams are now part of a multimillion-dollar project led by Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC known as the Catawba Wateree Project, which, among other things, includes transforming the two bypasses into Class II and Class IV rapids.

As part of Duke Energy’s new license to manage the Catawba-Wateree Project, the company will return water into these diversion channels in a controlled manner to provide additional habitat for fish and other aquatic life as well as provide recreation opportunities for the public.

Nicholson’s work includes anchoring the Great Falls Short Bypassed Reach Spillway & Great Falls-Dearborn Headworks Spillway to facilitate the installation of Obermeyer gates that will allow the Owner to control the water level in the reservoir. In total, Nicholson will install 68 epoxy-coated strand anchors between the two spillways.

“We’re happy to bring our dam expertise to such a great project, which is going to create new recreational opportunities for this community,” said Brian Hawk, Area Manager for Nicholson’s Mid-Atlantic Group. "It’s also great to be working with Duke Energy Carolinas, again.”

Nicholson’s portion of the work will be completed in 2022. The overall project will be finished by 2023.

About Nicholson Construction Company

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