Lola Moussey, P.E. Promoted to Project Manager

February 23, 2023
Pittsburgh, PA

Nicholson Construction is pleased to announce the promotion of Lola Moussey, P.E., to Project Manager.

Moussey has been part of Nicholson’s Major Projects Group for the last eight years, working as a Field Engineer and then as an Assistant Project Manager.

She’s been with the Soletanche Bachy group since 2014, where she started her career as a Field Engineer in France. She came to Nicholson in 2015 in an Assistant Project Manager role,
working on some of our largest and most challenging projects, including Boone Dam (Tennessee), Richland Creek Dam (Georgia) and Portland CSO (Kentucky). Most recently, she was the Project Manager on the I-35 Stormwater Storage Facility (Minnesota.)

“This is a very well-deserved promotion. Lola has had a leadership role in some very complicated—and successful—projects over the years she’s been with us,” said Dario Gnoato, Senior Vice President, Major Projects. “She is great with our clients, great with the team and a level-headed leader. We’re very lucky to have her representing us in the field.”

Moussey was recently selected by Gnoato to attend Advanced PM training in France with her peers from around the Soletanchy Bachy global network. In addition to the Project Manger role, Moussey was also recently named the Environmental Champion for Nicholson within the Soletanche Bachy global group. As the Environmental Champion, she will be responsible for increasing the company’s participation in projects beneficial to the environment and development of innovative green solutions for Nicholson’s clients.

Moussey holds a Master of Science in Construction Management from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, École Spéciale des Travaux Publics,
Paris, France and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, École Spéciale des Travaux Publics, Paris, France. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in Minnesota.

She will soon be headed to Loveland, Colorado to take over leadership for the Chimney Hollow project.

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