EPIC Campuses 2 through 5


Verona, Wisconsin



subsurface conditions:

Silty clay overburden soil over predominantly dolomite/limestone bedrock.  The bedrock was of moderate strength with weak zones of karstic features. Karstic features include discontinuities varying from soft clay filled to open voids.

size and solutions:

Over 500,000 linear feet of micropiles
Over 66,000 square feet of permanent soil nail and shotcrete wall


General Contractor:  J.P. Cullen 
General Contractor: J.H. Findorff
Owner: EPIC Systems
Engineer: SES Consultants
Earthwork: Edgerton

project snapshot:

Epic Systems intergalactic headquarters is set on 950 acres of land outside of Madison, Wisconsin. A leader in healthcare software, Epic Systems has expanded their headquarters with new office buildings, parking garages and support structures.

The karstic bedrock geology has required a deep
foundation technique that is able to be installed through voided and highly weathered rock zones.  Nicholson has provided design-build micropile solutions to all of the infrastructure on campuses two through five utilizing a variety of installation techniques and micropile designs.

Construction of a new 11,000 seat auditorium at the headquarters required the construction of a permanent soil nail wall adjacent to existing office buildings.  The maximum retained height for the soil nail wall is 60 feet with approximately 2,500 permanent soil nails installed.

Campuses 2 through 5