United States Society on Dams Annual Meeting and Conference

April 3, 2017
Anaheim, California
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You can find us working on dams all over the country throughout the year—and from April 3 - April 7 you can visit our conference crew in Anaheim at the annual conference and hear all about it!

Anaheim, like most cities in Southern California, has been affected by both extreme droughts and flooding that much of the western and southern United States has experienced during the last five years. Local, regional and statewide leaders, along with industry professionals, have been working together with a holistic approach to managing the limited water resources in many different forms: floods, groundwater and surface water. Thus, Anaheim is an ideal setting for sharing and learning from those who have effectively managed dwindling freshwater resources.

Visit the USSD website for more information on the Annual Meeting and Conference.

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